Whole Coffee Beans

A trip around the world to get to know the best taste of Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia….The best selection of Arabica and blends from every corner of the planet.  At Beo Hive, we provide coffee beans to all of those who look for authenticity and pureness.  The best choices of coffee beans to enjoy an extraordinary product: quality, aroma and freshness at its purest state.

Available in packages of 1kg and 250gr.


The best selection of Colombian Arabica with 100% natural and controlled roasting to obtain a balanced and fruity taste.


The best selection of Brazilian Arabica with 100% natural and controlled roasting, to obtain a balanced and fruity taste.

Natural Blend

A blend made with utmost care to obtain harmony between different varieties of natural blend coffees.

Natural Blend Decaf

A version of our natural blend for those who want to enjoy coffee peacefully.


An expertly made natural blend with a medium roast to guarantee its intensity and balance.

Café en grano Etiopia


It is characterized by its aromatic, creamy and intense flavor. It is definitely a coffee that you will want to drink at any time.


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